About a week or so prior to the release of WordPress 5.9, I had the privilege of participating in a recent Meetup led by the Boulder WordPress community, aptly titled “What’s coming in WordPress 5.9”. A few of the featured speakers were Abha Thakor, Brian Gardner, Birgit Pauli-Haack, and Courtney Robertson. The session focused on a couple of core themes, primarily what WordPress contribution looks like near release time, improvements to the WordPress Block Editing experience, the new FSE (Full Site Editing) paradigm, and additional design tools included in the 5.9 release.

The session was chock full of information and resources, and I came away from it feeling optimistic in terms of where WordPress was headed from an end-user standpoint (yay for my clients!) and daunted from a designer and developer’s standpoint. This is not the WordPress of 10 years ago, even if a lot of elements are still recognizably similar.

Here’s a video of the meetup:

The meetup included a fantastic Google doc full of links to equally fantastic resources. I’m pulling some out and including a few of my own below: