The Visual Developer for Your Craft Beverage Business

Hello, I’m Tom Finley, and I wear many hats professionally. Some call me a digital polymath, others refer to me as a T-shaped designer or a generalist. Personally, I like to describe myself as a visual developer.

Crafting a Journey Since the Late ’90s

My journey began in the late 1990s during my college years, and I’ve been on a continuous path of growth and development as a visual developer ever since. In parallel, my love for craft beer has remained a constant companion throughout the years.

Throughout my career, I’ve embraced various roles, from designer and developer to marketer. I’ve worked in educational institutions, small agencies, and corporate in-house teams, accumulating a diverse set of skills and experiences.

This is the best picture taken of me, ever, until the day I die.
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  • Husband, father, microagency owner
  • Motorcyclist, avid concertgoer, beer and t-shirt enthusiast
  • 20+ years web design/dev experience
  • 12+ years WordPress experience
  • Formerly a designer and developer who favored Genesis Framework
  • Currently a WordPress Full Site Editing advocate

The Heart of My Business: PRÜF Creative

Today, I proudly run PRÜF Creative, a micro-agency located near Washington, DC. My focus is on crafting custom WordPress websites tailored specifically for craft beverage and hospitality businesses.

In an industry where digital marketing agencies can often be inflexible and impersonal, I prioritize putting your unique needs at the center of everything.

A Collaborative Approach to Success

My process always begins with a deep understanding of your brand and how we can best collaborate. We work together to identify the sweet spot where your business goals and my skills intersect.

First, we create a messaging framework that resonates with your target audience, ensuring it’s not just a one-size-fits-all approach. We then build a website that empowers you to control your online presence. Together, we develop marketing materials for various channels to suit your unique goals.

We’re answering 2 questions:

1. How does [X] matter to your customers?

2. What is the deeper ‘why’ for your business?

Prioritizing Your Customers

Above all, the main objective is to set clear expectations and prioritize a stellar experience for your customers. We believe that happy customers become loyal advocates who return again and again. We also fine-tune elements like SEO and speed optimization to keep you ahead in the competitive digital marketing landscape.

On a Personal Note

Beyond the world of digital marketing, I’m a cat-caretaker, dog-dad, and person-parent — and a lifelong dad-joker. Empowerment is one of my core beliefs: I’m a firm believer that everyone should have access to the tools they need to not just survive but thrive.

Simple acts of creation like designing t-shirts, curating killer playlists, and growing my own food, are some of my passions outside of my professional life.

If you’re ready to embark on this journey with me, let’s start crafting your success story.

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Meet Tom Finley:
A Visual Developer Blending Craft Beverages and Pixels

Since the late ’90s, I’ve been donning various hats in the world of design, alternating between roles as a designer, developer, and marketer in diverse settings, from educational institutions to small agencies and corporate in-house teams.

Today, I’m not only a husband but also a busy toddler-dad. I’ve seamlessly merged my love for craft beverages and pixel perfection into my solopreneurial venture, PRÜF Creative, where I create customized digital solutions that truly connect with your audience.

One-liner: Tom Finley: Husband, Toddler-Dad, and Solopreneur at PRÜF Creative, Blending Craft Beverages and Pixels for Your Success.