Aino Themes from Elma Studio

One of the cooler WP FSE themes currently out there that I’ve recently comes across is Aino Blocks. Hat tip to the inimitable Nick Diego, who himself continues to be a force in the WordPress sphere. Aino is from Elma Studio and employs some serious Gutenberg magic to ensure you’re always on track designing in-browser with grid blocks and vibrant predefined Block Patterns.

Personally I’ve been on a long quest to find a set of WordPress starter themes that transcend the era of the bone-dry boilerplate corporate/product theme tropes and bring a creative vibe back to the web. I can’t wait to try Elma/Aino’s Magazine theme, Makoney. Out of the gate it looks primed to give powerful editorial design control to developers and average users alike.

Avant Garde Minimalism

Brian Gardner, formerly of StudioPress/Genesis fame, never left the game but he’s back at WP Engine and absolutely cranking. Not only is Brian chugging along as Principal Developer Advocate, but he’s still concocting themes. As mentioned in last month’s post, Frost WP continues to mature as a Full Site Editing (FSE) theme, which Brian continues to co-develop with Nick Diego.

But if that’s not enough, Brian has also released Avant Garde! When do these guys sleep?! Download Avant Garde here.


Speaking of WordPress powerhouses who either get no sleep or exceptional amounts of sleep (I can’t tell), Aurooba Ahmed has made good on her promise to re-introduce some expected WordPress editor behavior that has been lost in the Gutenberg shuffle — creating and duplicating new posts at the page editor level. Go get it right now and add it to your WordPress blueprint in LocalWP!