Do you ever have one of those days where the universe is trying to tell you something very specific?

My work day started with my catching up on Twitter instead of actually working, per usual. Chris Weigman had just tweeted out a link to his excellent post entitled, “Write Because You Love To Write“. It’s a short post that gets right to the point:

Writing is hard.

Don’t write because you have to, but because you want to.

Write to get better at writing.

Write to have a record of who and where you were.

Write to empower others.

Write for the fun of writing.

Chris Weigman

That got me right in the feels. I don’t think I’ve ever written as much in my entire life as I’ve written during this pandemic (which is still very much happening, folks). Writing has vexed me tremendously when it comes to building my own brand over at PRÜF Creative, and I think it’s because of feeling like I have to more than crafting copy for my business being something I really enjoy.

This site, however, has broken me out of my previous limiting beliefs. It’s a forum I control and a space where vulnerability comes easier. I can use it as a platform to combat inequity or I can use it as my second brain. More that anything, though, it’s a calmer brook for words than the raging torrent of social outlets turned ad-and-outrage engines, which we know only last for so long.

In blogging I feel connected to an older part of myself, an older part of the web. It gives me big Doogie Houser MD feels, and makes me want to resurrect the web-ring single-handedly. Self-reflection via writing makes me feel moored and connected to something ancient and human despite using a piece of software to let the words flow out of me.

More than anything, blogging and writing help the future me as much as myself in the present, like yoga for the brain.