It’s not uncommon to see folks on Twitter these days inquiring about the best continuing education on WordPress, particularly for Full Site Editing. Here’s a small collection of the best resources out there right now.

Carolina Nymark without a doubt was one of the first people – if not THE first person – to create training around WordPress Full Site Editing and theming. Her contributions to the WordPress community are numerous and Carolina consistently has her finger to the pulse of what’s happening with the tech and the people.

COST: Free

WordPress full site editing and themes – Full Site Editing
Learn about WordPress full site editing and block themes with my course and helpful resources including example themes and templates.


By Ian Svoboda, Sr Frontend Engineer at 10up (he is v. smart) and fellow lover of pink, this course intends to show us modern techniques that will allow us to comfortably develop our own dynamic themes, improve our understanding of WordPress, and gain job-ready skills.

COST: Free email sample course (requires email address)

Become a WP Expert | Learn WP Theme Dev by Ian Svoboda
An online workshop course designed to teach modern WordPress theme development skills to designers or developers of any skill level.

Master WP

The mavericks behind Master WP, Howard Development & Consulting, have brilliantly filled in a much-unaddressed space — teaching the masses about the business and culture of running a WordPress business. They’re really ramping up with recent workshops, ranging from diversity to advice for creating client retainer products, building ADA compliant sites, and using WP CLI. I’ve attended 2 of the workshops and the All-Access pass is absolutely a steal to have access to so much secret sauce. Get to it…

COST: $47 individually / $99 yearly

MasterWP Workshops
Extraordinary education for WordPress professionals. MasterWP Workshops are the fast, friendly, accessible way to level up your career.

Modern WP Dev Course

Joey Farruggio is a designer and frontend engineer working mostly with Tailwind CSS and Alpine JS. Joey currently works with larger clients managing bespoke WordPress instances for high-traffic sites like BiggerPockets and Vimeo. Now he wants to pass on his experience to you! The program isn’t fully launched, but you can get a little taste of what Joey’s offering via Modern WP Dev’s sample lessons.

COST: unknown, sign up for updates

Modern WP Dev
Modern WordPress Development with ACF Blocks, Alpine, and Tailwind.

Serial entrepreneur, Liftoff Creator Course creator, product guy, multidisciplinary designer, WPEngine principal engineer, fellow lover of the color purple, and all around WordPress badass-meets-great dude Mike McAlister is back with another one to elevate the game: OllieWP. Ollie isn’t fully operational, but has some sample educational tidbits on its blog. We’re looking forward to seeing where Mike takes this.

COST: Free (at present)

Ollie · WordPress Tutorials and Tools
Want to learn more about the WordPress block editor and full-site editing? Ollie provides tutorials and design tools for WordPress designers and developers.

Rich Tabor

Another serial entrepreneur, themer, product extraordinaire, and probably the chillest dude you’ll ever have a Zoom with, Rich Tabor is a boundless resource for folks wanting to dive into modern WordPress theming. As the founder of CoBlocks, ThemeBeans, and Iceberg, and the head of product for Extendify, Rich really knows his stuff.

COST: Free

Rich Tabor — WordPress Blocks, Gutenberg, Full Site Editing, & Block Themes
Rich Tabor writes about the future of WordPress, Gutenberg & Design. Head of Product at Extendify, Previously Godaddy. Made the Iceberge Markdown Editor. Built CoBlocks & ThemeBeans (both sold to $GDDY).

Ryan Welcher

Developer Relations Advocate at Automattic and fellow guitar wall-hook enthusiast, Ryan Welcher, has been quite prolific, pumping out great livestreams of modern WordPress development. Catch him on Youtube or Twitch!

COST: Free

Developer Advocate sponsored by Automattic for WordPress and Gutenberg.

10up Gutenberg Best Practices

Legendary agency 10up has open-sourced their approach to Gutenberg best practices with reference materials, training, and deep-dive guides. Take advantage of all that fancy, hard-fought R&D and maybe even get a job out of it!

COST: free

10up – Gutenberg Best Practices | 10up – Gutenberg Best Practices


Nomadic GoDaddy software developer Alex Standiford will teach you how to build modern, scale-able WordPress plugins quickly. If you’re a developer looking to up your WordPress game, this course is for you.

COST: $19.00 monthly / $149.00 yearly

WordPress Development Courses –


WP Development Courses is run by Fränk Klein, a web engineer based in Luxembourg at Human Made, specializing in high traffic websites.

“As a self-taught developer, I know first hand how hard it is to find in-depth and well-researched articles about WordPress development. That’s why I created this website, to share what I learn with my peers.

At the same time, I want to help people succeed in their career, beyond just technical skills.”

COST: $249.00

Welcome to WP Development Courses – WP Development Courses

WP Engine Builders

What if there were a hand-picked WordPress super team of accomplished and enthusiastic designer-developers whose sole purpose was to bestow their knowledge upon the community and gas everybody up for what’s coming? THERE IS – the WP Engine Developer Advocacy team. Brian Gardner (who authored the theme this site is built with, Bright Mode), Nick Diego, Sam Munoz, and Damon Cook stay on top of the whole damn thing and boil it down so we don’t have to. Literally their whole job is ensuring developers have access to understanding modern WordPress techniques, and they’re not short on content or friendliness. Amazing. Reach out to them on Twitter any time! Full disclosure, this site is hosted on WP Engine and I’m an agency partner. But I’d rep this crew even if I weren’t. Sounds crazy, but it’s totally true.

COST: Free

Builders Resource – WP Engine
Explore the basics of creating powerful WordPress websites.

Why not go straight to the source?! Yes, that’s right — has a whole section of resources dedicated to getting you trained up on modern WordPress, authored by long-time experts like Wes Theron, Sarah Snow, Courtney Robertson, and Jonathan Bossenger. Not to mention that WordPress.TV is also chock full of immensely educational talks by people like plugin and theme developer Nick Diego. These resources are an informal masterclass – like being able to take a couple years of WordPress college training for absolutely nothing – you’ve just got to be pretty self-motivated and self-directed to make something of it. Don’t forget to check out the Developer Handbook.

COST: Free

Learn WordPress – There’s always more to learn | Learn WordPress
Whether you’re a first-time blogger or seasoned developer, there’s always more to learn. From community members all over the world, these vast resources will help you learn more about WordPress and share it with others.