Have you ever wanted to hear Tom Finley just talk about the regular WordPress stuff? Probably not — and I wouldn’t blame you – contrary to popular belief I’m actually not that fond of my own voice.

A few weeks ago Rob Cairns of Stunning Digital Marketing invited me on his show. Rob and I became acquainted through and are both frequent participants in WP Engine’s Build Mode Live sessions. Rob’s the nicest Canadian you’ll ever meet and that’s saying something because I’m pretty sure they’re all wicked nice.

Rob and I chatted for a while before recording his show and got to know each other’s WordPress histories and philosophies a little better. I had a great time despite being a bit sick (my son just started daycare and has quickly become a petri dish).

On The SDM Show Episode 273: Talking About Modern WordPress, Rob and I covered a number of topics:

  1. What is Modern WordPress?
  2. What changes are making WordPress better.
  3. The impact of blocks and Full Site Editing for WordPress.
  4. What is in the future for WordPress.

Have a listen!

Big thanks to you again, Rob, and I hope you’ll have me back again (particularly when I don’t sound like a bullfrog with a case of the sniffles) 🤘😂🤘