Shenandoah University


Web Designer and Developer

Launched: December 2015

In early 2014 SU hired me as a WordPress Development Specialist. Immediately upon my employment I was tasked with shepherding the redesign and development of its existing WordPress multisite. With a redesign and redevelopment interval of about 1 year, and collaborating with multiple agencies, the Shenandoah site was relaunched in December of 2015.

Shenandoah University’s Website Redesign

Case Study Type 1:


Shenandoah University needed a comprehensive website overhaul to improve user experience and reflect the institution’s commitment to innovation and excellence. The previous site lacked modern features and a cohesive design, making navigation difficult for prospective students, faculty, and alumni.


The primary task was to collaborate with MGH, a marketing communications agency from Baltimore, to design and develop a user-friendly, visually appealing website using the Genesis framework for WordPress. The site needed to showcase Shenandoah’s diverse programs, facilitate easy access to information, and remain functional and relevant for years to come.




By focusing on the needs of Shenandoah University and its stakeholders, PRÜF Creative and MGH delivered a website that not only met but exceeded expectations. The site continues to serve as a vital tool for the university, aiding in recruitment, communication, and engagement with its community.

Case Study Type 2:

Project Overview

Client: Shenandoah University
Location: Winchester, VA
Industry: Higher Education


Shenandoah University sought to revamp its website to enhance user experience and better represent its innovative and dynamic academic environment. The goal was to create a modern, intuitive platform that would serve prospective students, current students, faculty, and alumni effectively.

The Challenge

The university’s previous website was outdated and difficult to navigate, making it challenging for users to find essential information. The new site needed to:

• Improve usability and accessibility. • Showcase the university’s diverse programs and events. • Remain relevant and functional for years to come.

The Solution

PRÜF Creative collaborated with MGH, a marketing communications agency, to redesign the website with a focus on user-centric design and robust functionality.

Design and Branding

Advanced Functionalities

Performance Enhancements



The collaboration between Shenandoah University, PRÜF Creative, and MGH resulted in a user-friendly, award-winning website that effectively meets the needs of the university’s diverse audience. The site continues to serve as a vital tool for recruitment, communication, and community engagement.

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