During the spring and summer of 2023, I started using Large Language Models (LLMs), also known as generative AI, as a springboard for several creative projects that had been on hold.

While utilizing these LLMs, I provided them with prompts based on unused beer names from my swipe file. This process became self-sustaining, as the prompts generated mid-journey returned images that further refined how I was prompting ChatGPT and NotionAI, and vice versa.

Although a standard process never materialized, this exploration helped me gain a better understanding of the process, risks, and benefits of using generative models to create various types of content.

For these labels, I began with a fictitious brewery name I created, Liminal Space Brewing. Liminal space horror gained considerable popularity throughout 2023 due to its fifth-dimensional defiance of space-time rules.

Founded by a group of space-time travelers, the brewery exists in the gaps between dimensions, where time and space are fluid and ever-changing.

Liminal Space Brewing was born out of a desire to explore the unknown and the unexplored.

The founders of Liminal Space Brewing were originally scientists, exploring the far reaches of the universe in search of new discoveries. But as they traveled through space and time, they began to realize that there was something missing – a connection to the past and the present that they couldn’t find in the vast emptiness of the universe.

And so they turned to brewing, creating beers that bridged the gaps between dimensions and brought people together from all times and places. Their beers were like nothing anyone had ever tasted before – each one a unique blend of flavors and experiences that transported the drinker to new realms of existence.

As Liminal Space Brewing grew in popularity, more and more people began to seek out their beers, eager to experience the transcendental drinking experience that only they could provide. And so the brewery expanded, opening taprooms in the most remote corners of the universe, and even branching out into other dimensions.

Today, Liminal Space Brewing is known as one of the most innovative and daring breweries in the multiverse. Their beers are sought after by adventurers and explorers from all corners of the universe, and their taprooms are gathering places for those who seek to transcend the boundaries of space and time.

The ‘Under the Influencer’ series, while incomplete, started as an offshoot of in-jokes referencing social media lifestyle bloggers and influencers based in Washington, D.C., including DC Beer, PopVille, and Barred in DC.

The influencers depicted in the series so far are exclusively contributors and partners of DC Beer Media LLC. These include writer and beer historian Mike Stein, editor and beer sommelier Jacob Berg, and event expert Brandy Holder. They are respectively represented as the Prince of Pilsnerville, Sir Scoops-a-Lot, and the Brew Culture Queen.

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Following the theme of disquieting horror from Liminal Space, The Wretched is a series of hypothetical releases designed to induce terror. It does this through the use of unsettling ingredients, eerie names and images, or a combination of all these elements, aiming to evoke feelings of disgust or repulsion. It can be seen as an exercise in anti-branding.

Each installment of The Wretched offers commentary on an aspect of beer or alternatively provides social commentary. Assisted by generative AI, I have crafted stories for each release:


Despotic Slumlord is a beer that attempts to combine the tartness of fruit with the bitterness of a hoppy beer. It aims to have a refreshing mouthfeel and a light texture, with a slightly orange hue. However, the beer falls short as it lacks in appearance and flavor. The aroma should be of citrus fruits and hops, but it doesn’t deliver. The taste should be tart at first with notes of grapefruit, lemon, and orange, followed by a bitter finish from the hops, but it doesn’t deliver that, either.


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