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WordPress Specialist + Multidisciplinary Designer

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Are you a small or medium business owner struggling to navigate the complex world of digital marketing?

Hi, I’m Tom — your guide to embracing modern digital marketing tools and techniques. As a single touchpoint, I provide clients reliable and straightforward digital marketing solutions using the WordPress CMS as a foundation. Together, we’ll transform your organization’s results by providing a seamless experience for your target market, and help you focus on solving their unique challenges.

Your Guide to Effective Communication

As a designer and developer, I understand the intricacies of effective communication. After working closely with my clients for over 16 years, my process starts with taking a deep dive into your customer’s challenges and together we’ll develop practical, repeatable solutions to solve them. Achieving simplicity isn’t always straightforward, but I’m dedicated to helping you achieve your goals with minimal friction.

Ready to Transform Your Business?

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, I’m here to help. Based in Alexandria, VA, just outside Washington D.C., I’m ready to collaborate with you — all you have to do to get started on writing your next success story is click the link below…


  • WordPress Tooling and Process Learning

    WordPress Tooling and Process Learning

    Brian Coords asked a great question on Xwitter this morning about tutorials and resources for learning the tooling and processes behind modern WordPress development, such as Node.js, NPM, and Git. One of the trickier aspects of modern WordPress development, especially with the advent of blocks, is that it goes far beyond HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and…

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  • Gongrol – Tiny Terrors: Tantrums & Chaos

    Gongrol – Tiny Terrors: Tantrums & Chaos

    Gongrol is a unique and electrifying AI toddlercore band that delves into the raw, unfiltered emotions of childhood rebellion and angst. The band’s name, “Gongrol,” is a term coined by a friend’s child to describe a mood of agitation, whininess, and gripes without genuine hurt, pain, or sadness. Gongrol’s music captures the intense, sometimes humorous…

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  • Block LLM/AI User Agents

    Block LLM/AI User Agents

    I regularly use a couple of AI resources to create content — not so much blue-sky generative efforts as much as polishing up my own writing or content supplied by clients. However, recently I’ve found myself being protective about LLM/AI appropriation of specific content on specific client sites. Opting in to using ChatGPT for my…

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